Title IX

mg电子试玩app致力于提供一个没有暴力的学习环境, harassment, 和歧视.

第九条是一项联邦法律,禁止基于性别的骚扰和歧视. Commonly, this means the school must take steps to create a safe environment, 防止性暴力/关系暴力/跟踪暴力, and support students experiencing pregnancy and childbirth. 它还要求学校任命一名第九条协调员,帮助学生了解第九条的流程和系统.

圣保罗书院’s Title IX Coordinator is Mike Gerold (Michael.gerold@aiao365.com), the 学生权利和责任主任.

如果您对mg电子试玩app的第九条服务有任何疑问或疑虑, 请联系第九条协调员 or the Title IX Office at 651.846.1327 or titleix@aiao365.com. You can submit an online report or an anonymous online report at aiao365.com/fileareport.



In this section, 我们将讨论第九条联邦法规规定的不同类型的暴力和骚扰.

警告:以下页面包含可能触发或难以阅读的定义. Feel free to skip this section altogether or come back at a later time.

Many advocates tend to use the term “victim” when referring to someone who has recently been affected by sexual violence; when discussing a particular crime; or when referring to aspects of the criminal justice system. “幸存者”通常用来指那些在治愈过程中走得更远的人, or when discussing the short- or long-term effects of sexual violence. Some people identify as a victim, while others prefer the term survivor. 你可以选择任何你觉得合适的术语.

“同意”是指给予和接受参与性活动的许可. 在和某人发生性关系之前,你需要知道他们是否也想和你发生性关系. 理想情况下,同意是一个明确的“是”大声说出来.

必须不断地给予同意. 同意一种类型的活动并不意味着你的伴侣也同意其他活动. 每个人都有权利在任何时候以任何理由停止性行为. 同意是指确保参与活动的每个人都感到兴奋, engaged, 并且能够说“是”或“不是”,每一次.

No one should feel pressured, manipulated, or threatened to say “yes.因为睡觉而在精神上或身体上丧失行为能力或受损的人, unconscious, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol is not able to give consent. 此外,有些人可能因为他们的年龄或精神能力而无法表示同意. 欲了解更多关于同意和明尼苏达州法律的信息,请访问强奸和乱伦全国网络(RAINN): http://www.rainn.org/laws-your-state-minnesota

Sexual Violence
Without consent, 任何性行为(包括口交), genital touching, and vaginal or anal penetration) is sexual violence.

性暴力包括性侵犯, rape, or any other sexual behavior that happens because one person forces, coerces, 操纵或恐吓他人.

性暴力可以由陌生人实施, acquaintances, family members, spouses, or dating partners. 它包括被别人触摸或被强迫或强迫触摸别人. 性暴力也可能发生在某人因为太年轻或无行为能力而无法表示同意的情况下.


  • 性权力滥用:当有人喜欢教练时, teacher, or religious leader uses their position of authority to force, coerce, 或者操纵某人进行性行为,
  • 亲密伴侣性暴力:当配偶或伴侣使用性暴力时,
  • 儿童性虐待;
  • 乱伦或对家庭成员的性虐待;
  • 生殖胁迫和安全性行为破坏:一方控制或干预与生殖和性健康有关的决策. 这包括破坏生育控制, 强迫某人进行无保护措施的性行为, or removing a condom without consent (sometimes called “stealthing”),
  • 性交易和商业性剥削:当有人要求另一个人用性交易来赚钱, food, a place to stay, or drugs or forces them to participate in pornography or stripping, and
  • 未经同意的露骨图片:指某人未经允许拍摄或发布露骨照片或视频, 有时被称为“复仇色情片”.”

For more information about sexual violence visit RAINN: rainn.org/types-sexual-violence

关系暴力,也被称为家庭暴力或约会暴力,是现任或前任亲密伴侣为获得和维持对另一方的权力和控制而使用的一种行为模式. 它可能发生在人们结婚、同居、约会或关系结束后.

Relationship violence can happen to people that have gone on a single date, 刚开始约会, 或者已经在一起很多年了.

Relationship violence may include the use of physical violence, sexual violence, 威胁和恐吓, isolation, emotional abuse, 精神和文化虐待, 经济剥夺, 财政滥用. 无论遭受何种类型的虐待,都可以寻求帮助.

欲了解更多关于关系暴力的信息,请访问全国家庭暴力热线: thehotline.org/is-this-abuse/abuse-defined

Stalking is behavior that is directed at someone that is unwanted, unwelcome, or unreciprocated that causes them fear or substantial emotional distress.

跟踪包括跟踪某人等行为, tracking someone, 发送不想要的礼物或信息, 打不需要的电话, damaging property, 监控电话和科技产品的使用, or posting information or spreading rumors about someone.

有关跟踪的更多信息,请访问RAINN: rainn.org/articles/stalking

Sexual Harassment
性骚扰是一种不受欢迎的性行为,它干扰了某人在学校或工作中感到舒适的权利. It can include comments, notes, messages, gestures, or physical contact. It makes the learning or working environment hostile and uncomfortable. 这包括反复邀请某人约会,尤其是在对方已经说“不”的情况下.”


有关跟踪的更多信息,请访问RAINN: http://rainn.org/articles/sexual-harassment


In the case of pregnancy or experiencing sexual/domestic/stalking violence, 你可以在 http://aiao365.com/fileareport. You can also connect with these individuals/offices on campus:

学生成功主任:Pepe Wonosikou
651.403.4007 -行政办公室 pepe.wonosikou@aiao365.com

学生权利和责任主任 & 第九条协调员:Mike Gerold
651.846.1327 -行政办公室 michael.gerold@aiao365.com

651.846.1322 – psafety@aiao365.com

If you could like to talk to a confidential person on campus, you can reach out to someone from the Mental Health Team:

651.350.3035 -精神健康办公室 merrie.haskins@aiao365.com

651.350.3037 -精神健康办公室 pamela.norling@aiao365.com

指导老师:Lisa Hanes-Goodlander
651.846.1383 -精神健康办公室 lisa.hanesgoodlander@aiao365.com

Advocacy Services mg电子试玩app与SOS性暴力服务(651-266-1000)和圣保罗和拉姆齐县家庭暴力干预项目(SPIP)合作,提供校园幸存者支持服务.645.2824). Reach out to SOS or SPIP to learn more about their services and schedule.


(The full procedures can be found along with the policy at http://policies.aiao365.com).

在本节中,我们将研究一个更简单的, 报告性暴力/家庭暴力/跟踪暴力后更清晰的过程分解. 如果据报道造成伤害的人不是学生或员工,则不会进行调查, but the college will provide safety and supportive measures.

The College has two main ways to address sexual harassment, sexual violence, 暴力的关系, or stalking when the person who caused harm is a student or employee. 学生权利和责任主任将首先与学生见面讨论情况, 制定适当的安全和支持措施. 局长还将评估该报告是否违反行为准则或违反第九条, 解释学生的选择和接下来的步骤. 如果违反了第九条,局长将分享关于第九条正式和非正式解决程序的信息. The Director will continue to meet with the student throughout the process.

Conduct Process
如果主任认为这种情况属于学生行为准则的范畴, found here: 学生行为准则政策.06.00.0. Essentially, 学生权利和责任主任(或由主任指定的其他管理人员)将调查情况, 听取各方意见. 然后他们将对此案作出裁决. 如果任何一方对结果不满意, there is an appeals process to have someone else hear the case.

Title IX Process
If the Director determines that the situation fits under the 1B.根据第九条政策,学生可以选择非正式或正式程序.

Informal Process: If both people involved agree there can be an informal agreement. 只有当造成伤害的人对他们造成的伤害负责时,这才适用. 非正式解决的一些可能结果包括造成伤害的人同意不联系命令, making an apology, or receiving education or training to prevent them from causing future harm. 任何一个人都可以在任何时候决定他们想要改变为正式的决议.

Formal Process: 如果非正式的解决方案不合适或不需要,可能会有一个正式的解决过程. 在整个过程中,双方都必须有一名顾问作为他们的代表. 每个人都可以选择自己的指导老师,或者要求学院为他们指派一名指导老师. 在正式的决议过程中, 主要有三个步骤:调查, hearing, 以及决策.

  1. 调查:学院将指派或雇用一名训练有素的调查员收集证据并采访证人. 调查员将收集证据,并在听证会上出示. 在听证会之前,双方及其顾问都将有机会审查报告并提出意见或更正.
  2. Hearing: There are three main groups involved in the hearing:
    1. 听证官员,包括主持听证的主任和决策者.
    2. 遭受伤害的人和他们的顾问.
    3. Person who reportedly caused harm and their advisor.
  3. 决策:决策者决定是否有证据表明违规行为发生了. 基于这个决定, the decision maker selects sanctions for the person who caused harm, 以政策法规为指导.

如果你对学院处理你的案件的方式或正式程序的结果不满意, 你可以上诉. The appeal process will be listed in the decision outcome; otherwise, 你可以在学院的政策中找到它(本节开头的链接)。.

你也可以向美国民权教育部(OCR)投诉,. 你可以在这里找到更多信息 ed.gov/ocr.



如果你正在怀孕或分娩,获得支持的最简单方法是尽快与第九条协调员联系(越早你就能得到支持), 就越容易支持你!你也可以和你的老师谈谈, advisor, 或者大学里的任何教职员工——他们应该能帮你找到第九条办公室.

为了在怀孕或分娩时获得第九条办公室的支持, you will need to provide documentation from your doctor. 你可以在与第九条协调员第一次谈话之前准备好这张便条,这样可以节省时间——第一张便条可以只写你的预产期和任何已知的并发症或可能影响你学业的事情.

What Support for Pregnancy/Childbirth Can Look Like
对不同的学生来说,支持是不同的——每个学生都有自己的情况. 支持不能改变作业的基本方面(调整目标或学习成果), 也不能改变州或委员会规定的要求(常见的是临床课程的学时)。. 下面是一些常用的支持:

  • Excused absences
  • 额外的时间用于测试或延长作业
  • 灵活的到期日期
  • 使用更大的桌子或座位
  • 允许坐、站等.
  • Switching into online/asynchronous courses (when available)

Best Practices to Promote Success During Pregnancy or Post-Delivery
School is already stressful; going to school while managing such a life-altering event as pregnancy or recovery is even moreso! 以下是一些有助于在怀孕期间在课堂上取得成功的事情:

  • 如果可能的话,在交货前与第九条办公室和你的教员联系. It’s easier to plan ahead than it is to go back and try catch-up.
  • 沟通,沟通,再沟通! 说真的,你与你的老师和第九条办公室保持联系越多越好.
  • 如果你的截止日期即将到来,看看你是否可以提前完成作业/阅读.
  • If possible, set up supports ahead of time – help with childcare after a few weeks, 如果你能在一两周内重返课堂,那就制定一个计划(如果你不能,那就制定一个计划)!), 与学院内或学院外的心理健康专家联系, learn how to set up meetings with tutors/academic support staff, etc.
  • 考虑你的课程负担和/或交付学期的课程形式. 有临床或国家规定课时的课程极难补习(有时甚至是不可能补习)!). Online, asynchronous courses are easy to work with while recovering, but not everyone does well with that style of class. 知道你如何学得最好,并考虑在恢复过程中你有多大的能力,这是关键!
  • Remember that circumstances change as pregnancy goes on. 如果最初制定的计划不起作用, follow up with the Title IX Office to discuss adjustments.

如果你怀孕了,需要支持/资源, please contact the Title IX Office as soon as possible:

Office 1429, 651.846.1327, michael.gerold@aiao365.com


In this section are some resources for Faculty and Staff to review.

For supporting survivors of sexual/domestic/stalking/harassment violence, 请浏览反暴力网页: aiao365.com/antiviolence. “支持幸存者”和“教职员工资源”下的信息特别有用.

对于怀孕的学生,请立即将其转介到第九条办公室. Getting a plan together earlier typically leads to better outcomes. 您可以通过联系第九条协调员或在线进行转介 怀孕学生转介表格.

Office 1429, 651.846.1327, michael.gerold@aiao365.com

如果你有其他问题, 请联系上面的Mike Gerold或参考在学年开始时提供给教师和院长的入门-第九条教师版本文件.


如果你或你认识的人遭受过性暴力,请注意本节的重要链接, 暴力的关系, stalking, 或者性骚扰.

Submit a report
提交一份性暴力报告, 暴力的关系, stalking, 或者性骚扰, 在这里找到链接: aiao365.com/fileareport

Outside Advocacy
mg电子试玩app与当地倡导组织合作,为性暴力幸存者提供支持, 暴力的关系, or stalking. 倡导者是保密的,可以24小时谈论,安全计划和提供资源. 如果你经历过以上任何一种情况,并想联系一位倡导者寻求支持, 请按下列其中一个连结:


The 性暴力政策 and Procedures can be found here: policies.aiao365.com. mg电子试玩app也符合明尼苏达州学院和大学(明尼苏达州)系统政策1B.3. 性暴力政策 and 性暴力诉讼程序1B.3.1.


By federal law, 学校必须提供第九条官员以及所有第九条调查员和决策者所接受的培训. Here are the training materials for the current Title IX Coordinator, Investigators, 和决策者.


Trainings Completed by Investigators 和决策者


By federal law, 所有学生必须在第一学期完成性暴力预防培训. All students are enrolled automatically by the start of the semester, 培训地点在你的D2L. 有关如何访问和浏览培训的信息,请参阅 Sexual Violence Prevention Training D2L Introduction document.

If the training is not completed within the first 2 weeks of the semester, 您的帐户将被注册. If you have a hold on your account and complete the training, 应在24-48小时内解除羁留. However, 如果不在这段时间内, 请联系第九条协调员, Mike Gerold, at michael.gerold@aiao365.com or 651.846.1327.

If you are a survivor of sexual or 暴力的关系, stalking, 或性骚扰,并感到无法完成性暴力预防培训,请随时与第九条协调员联系, Mike Gerold, at 651.846.1327 or michael.gerold@aiao365.com to receive appropriate information in an alternate format.